Monday, February 1, 2016

Life Can Be A Little "Backwards" Sometimes!

Another fun night with the family ... CHECK!  Or should I say ... Kcehc!

Early on in the day, a group text message was sent out to the family.  Here it is:
Reading the text messages sent back, helped set the mood for the perfect evening.

"Hahahaha my head is hurting trying to figure this out.  : )"
"Did you guys eat without us?  Haha"
"Totally cute!"
"Thank you bathroom mirror for helping me figure this out.  Haha"

Some of you may not know this, but January 31st is "National Backwards Day".  Just a little bit of useless information sent your way.  However, it is useless information that makes the most fun!  And fun is exactly what we had.

As everyone arrived home from their various meetings, we gave them each a name tag to wear. It was fun to see what everyone's name is backwards and that's what they were known as the rest of the night.
No "Backwards Dinner" would be complete without eating under the table of course, so setting up for the dinner was easy!  We just moved out the chairs and set tablecloths down on the floor. Our precious little Grandsons loved it!
Because we were eating on the floor, we wanted to keep the menu pretty simple.  One thing our family loves to do is make "French Bread Pizza".  It's simple ... everyone builds their own ... and it's delicious!  So Pizza and Salad were perfect for the night!  However, don't forget it was a "Backwards Dinner".  Everything had to be served in reverse!
Dessert came first!  This was tricky because we didn't want everyone to fill up on the sweet stuff and not eat dinner, so we kept it pretty small.  Cupcakes!  Just a little bit of goodness but not enough to fill the stomach!  And to add some extra "backward" touches ... we served the cupcakes upside down and with a birthday candle.  What's more opposite ... or backwards ... then a birthday candle when it's not anyone's birthday?  Once again, the Grandsons loved it!
Another fun idea ... serve your cans of soda upside down!  We had a wide selection of sodas to choose from.  Once everyone decided what kind they wanted, the fun began!  Here's what we learned from this experience ... #1 - Use a can opener on the opposite side and make a puncture hole big enough to fit a straw.  #2 - When you tip the can upside down, wait a bit before puncturing the can.  And #3 - Prepare for explosions!  We definitely had some mishaps in the "soda spraying" area!
After dinner, we had our Family Home Evening lesson.  And our lesson tied in perfectly with our "Backwards Dinner" ... or as our kids liked to call it "Opposite Day". Tonight we were studying some of Lehi's final words to his children.  I love this part of the scriptures.  I often wonder what I would share with my kids, knowing that my time was coming to an end.  I think I would leave with them what is most important in life ... and that is exactly what Lehi taught.
It's a great message ... I encourage all to read it ... but for our lesson, we focused on the part where he talks to his children about there being "opposition in all things".  Opposite!
"For it must needs be, that there is an opposition in all things. If not so, . . .
righteousness could not be brought to pass, neither wickedness,
neither holiness nor misery, neither good nor bad."
(2 Nephi 2:11)
We ended the night playing a game.  This is a totally fun game and we couldn't help but laugh through the entire thing!  Here's what we did:  Everyone was given a piece of paper and a marker.  At "go!", I held up a picture and everyone had a certain amount of time to copy the picture as well as they could using the "opposite" hand than the one they usually write with.  In my family, all of us a right-handers ... this meant they were drawing with their left hand.  It was hilarious watching everyone try and then seeing the outcome of their attempt.  We played three different rounds ... three different pictures.

All I can say is ... I EVOL YM YLIMAF!!!

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