"Dreams Come True" List

"Dreams Come True" List ... And The Fun Continues

1.  Take A Trip To Somewhere We've Never Been
          - The location we decide on has to be a place we have never been before.

2.  Be In Two Places At Once
          - Hmmmm ... make sure a picture is taken to document the seemingly impossible.

3.  Family Taste Test Competition
          - We will taste test a certain product at different locations to see who wins.

4.  Postcards From 5 Different Countries
          - This will be tricky but we can do it!

5.  Eat Out At A New Place
          - Try our hand at a new restaurant ... one NO ONE has been to before.

6.  Family Scavenger Hunt
          - This will be a fun Family Home Evening!

7.  22 Sour Patch Challenge
           - Everyone will be given 22 Sour Patch candies and 1 minutes to eat them all.

8.  A Marshmallow Cook-Out In The Pool
          - We have to roast marshmallows while swimming in the pool ... no getting out.

9.  Try Sushi
          - EVERY MEMBER of our family has to be present as we go out for Sushi for the first time.

10.  Go On "Blind Dates".
          - Everyone pairs up with someone in the family.  One person in the pair is designated as the "blind date" ... meaning they wear a blindfold the entire evening.

11.  Go To A Play
           - Everyone will decide on, and go to a play together.

12.  Go To The Amusement Park off of Jurupa
           - Every time we drive by Jurupa, we always cheer.  It's now time to make a stop.

13.  A Dessert Crepe Night
           - Work together and make different dessert crepes for a night of treats.

14.  100 Books
           - As a family, read 100 books ... pretty self-explanatory.  :)

15.  Go To Disneyland
           - Everyone will work together to make it possible to visit the "Happiest Place On Earth".

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